Elena Canter tackles jewelry design in 1988, and started sculpture years later. 

In her creative process, the scenarios of their life act in a remarkable way. The industrial Bibao, appears resounding, and gives it a particular perspective. Chimney forests and rusty structures, in a green landscape, under a temperate gray sky. 

The Ibiza of her youth brings her fantasy.

She recovers in her stores jewelry, hats, and colorful ornaments from the interwar period.

From this encounter, in addition to her interest in tribal jewels, artistic movements such as Cubism, Art-Deco, or contemporary architecture, her jewels are born.

From her particular universe, she poses on the skin, all the strength of her message. Medallions, bracelets, which seem to come from a timeless space. Invisible Amazonas shields and emblems.

Her jewels are manufactured, one by one, in a process, conscientious and ritual.